Hey, I’m Mark.

Cue a pic of me at my best:

You know, this front facing aspect to the digital life, social media and all that can cloud things sometimes. I’m really striving to come to you with my truest and best self. Sure I am putting in effort and intention because I care, but I hope I can always cut through the BS and say and do the things that hold meaning and significance for me, in order to share them with you.

I’m someone who never really understood the concept of specialization. Picking one thing and sticking to it for an extremely long time. Don’t get me wrong, I have my passions, but I have always found them to be multiple and fluid. I used to beat myself up because sometimes it felt impossible to just stay on the course of one specific thing. Now I embrace my natural ability to tackle many different areas of life with passion and persistence. I’ve sort of come full circle, like that crystal ball up there, and now I’m diving deep into my desire to just do it all and make it work.

A brief summary of where I’m coming from. I’ve always been obsessively consumed with anything I found interest in (creativity, nature), and subsequently tortured beyond all recognition by things that I didn’t (mostly math). Out of high-school I kept on the creative train and got myself a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Acting. Over those years I really began to develop a strong sense of my creative lens for the world, but I had little to no applicable real world context. I left university and quite quickly became a garbage man. That wasn’t the greatest time, it had its moments, but I sure as hell got some context.

Now I teach Theatre and Music to elementary and pre-school children. It’s a lot of fun, it’s challenging and tough sometimes, but most importantly, it’s deeply creative and inspiring.

I hope you enjoy being a part of this project with me, and that we can experience some awesome creative moments together.

Create Every Day!