January 28, 2019 Month of Writing 0

For my Month of Sculpture I will be working with some friends to create a large interactive piece for the regional Burning Man event I participate in, in British Columbia.

We have envisioned and conceptualized a large chrysalis suspended from a leaf, that one person will be able to step inside of. I had the idea of some sort of audio playing an experience while someone is inside. Something that poetically describes the caterpillar metamorphoses through an anthropomorphic lens. So today I wrote out what that might be like. Here it is:

You do not become chrysalized as an insignificance.
Despite your unassuming and camouflaged skin, many cycles and forms have brought you here. Hidden below the caterpillar shell of your exterior, there is great natural, raw power.
Beginning life as a small egg no bigger than a pin head: You successfully navigated your infant terrain.
Countless moments of movement, consumption, day, night, rain, and shaking wind.
You have become catalyzed and significant. A quivering and strong force.

Your mylar thin outer layer has begun to constrict the growing size of your inner being.
Compelled by all forces and moments, you have been driven to isolate, to anchor.

You press and strain at the fragile skin holding in all that you are to become. It cracks and slides across your temporary form. Rendering you vulnerable, soft and delicate. You hang perilously from the edge of all you know. Growing out, mutating.

A firmness again envelops what you have known yourself to be all along. Comforting, all protecting, transparent and revealing. You have created your chrysalis.

Your essence is liquidized. Each fiber of what you have been now shifts and washes through every other part of you. All connected. All one.

Effortless you assemble. Drifting parts of you magnetize to their rightful space in life. For ten whole earth axis rotations you allow the cosmic soup of your being to re-integrate, re-calibrate, reform.

Rebirth is too small a word. You are now adorned with hopeful wings. Your metamorphoses has brought you to the beginning of new truth. Your truth. Now the revelation of what was kept inside of you is stable, exterior, proud, and purposeful.

A familiar stirring breathes into every particle of your form. The comfort of protection feels constricting and forgotten; your fear has released.

Now there is only new life, outside the chrysalis. 

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