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You Can’t Do Anything But Be Creative

As a Theatre artist, I have always found great passion and intention in the collaborative process. It is really integral to a lot of my experience as an artist, and an individual. I see collaboration in the creative space as the forefront of positive direction in the relationship between art and culture. Creating with others amplifies and extends the message beyond the self. Though art of the individual can be just as transcendent, art is nothing without others.

If we are to hold social and cultural responsibility in our creativity, then community involvement and collaboration will bridge the gap of all we have yet to learn and create. It will foster truth and loving change.

It is for these reasons that I am asking as many people as possible to join me in this creative process. If you are following along my experiences, and you feel inspired to get our minds together and make something new, then I would love to work with you. Any skill level, any discipline, any experience. If you have an idea, great, if not, lets discover one together.

Keeping in mind that a core element of how I see the creative process is that you can’t do anything but be creative, I am excited to push at the boundaries of my own beliefs as to what creativity is all about. So please consider that whatever it is you do with your time is inherently creative and could potentially fit somewhere in my big ol’ year. That’s why I have included some months that are broader in their definitions, like “Food” or “Body.” I am excited to tackle those months as well as the more art-specific practices like “Drawing” or “Dance.”

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