Creation Months

In keeping consistent with intention, I have structured out my year into months of specific disciplines or themes. I chose to do the project this way because of the level of intention it necessitates. I can fall victim pretty quickly to “passion overload” and find myself overwhelmed by all of the activities and projects I want to do all at once. Suffice to say it has caused me some stress in the past, and I feel it has really taken a toll on my ability to make anything at all.

This way I have a sort of logistically planned safety net. I can filter my overload through the priority of whichever discipline I am on that month and focus each day on accomplishing that one thing. After, I can open up my energy to other challenges. If I find that I am researching and putting a lot of mental bandwidth into something that isn’t in my month of focus, then I can remind myself that there will be a time in the future where I can really dive into that discipline. For now, it’s time to get deep into the current month.

Here are all of the Creation Months planned out. If you have a creative area of your life that you love, and you see it on this list, or if it isn’t on the list and could fit into the collaboration, or inter-discipline months, and you would like to create with me, please reach out here, and I will send you a calendar link. For some creation months I am going to need to connect with as many people as possible, so I would love your help!

  • January: The Month of Writing
  • February: The Month of the Body and Movement
  • March: The Month of Music
  • April: The Month of Drawing
  • May: The Month of Food
  • June: The Month of Dance
  • July: The Month of Performance
  • August: The Month of Sculpture
  • September: The Month of Painting
  • October: The Month of Story
  • November: The Month of Collaboration
  • December: The Month of Inter-discipline

Create every day!