First Month Complete!

First Month Complete!

January 31, 2019 Month of Writing 1

Reflecting on the Month of Writing, I am very glad to have started this project! There was definitely some trepidation in the beginning. Today I am celebrating an accomplished first month! I didn’t miss one single day, though I almost had a couple of close calls. There are also a few posts on days where I wasn’t at my best, but I’m glad I was able to accept what I had finished and post it anyway. I can’t even believe the month has flown by!

So, what are the three top things I learned this month?

I am not the expert on what I am capable of.

It’s very true, if there is one thing I’m sure of now, it’s that I should be so stupid as to have the audacity to think that I have any clue whatsoever about my own capacity for creation. Neither should you! It is human nature to resist that which is uncomfortable or different. We want to favour the status quo. But in this delicate game of stretching the bounds of creativity we are exercising the muscle, making it stronger and more flexible. It must be pushed beyond what we previously thought was base level, and therefore defy our own logic.

Show up, start, and the rest will flow.

Half of the battle is in just getting to a place where I can begin my work. That battle involves all of the necessities and particularities of modern living, as well as carving out time and space to be free to explore. When the elements are there and I am in front of my laptop ready to write, then even I must work harder mentally to expel the various thoughts that pop into my head. Things like an important chore, or an email, or a facebook message, etc etc. After all of the heavy lifting of getting the physical and mental space to create, the initial push of the start can often cause momentum beyond what I would have guessed. It is like taking a bowling ball to the top a hill, then giving it a push. Getting into creative flow just solves itself.

Accept and do not self-judge.

I wrote about this in another post, but it still stands as a fundamental learning point for me this month. I have really discovered a process which values creative flow and output first, rather than idealizing the final product. I have begun to let go of some restrictive creative chains by releasing self-doubt on my own abilities, and focusing on process and personal progress. For this month, I can very easily measure my progress as the amount of things I have written! I don’t think I have ever written this much, in such a little time before, and it feels great. As I continue on to write for this project and in my life, I will grow to apply different levels of progress, but I will always be grounded in process and flow, rather than end results.

I’m glad to be moving on to a new month theme and primary discipline. There is something so simple and pure about the writing process. I’m sure Body and Movement will bring it’s own unique challenges and rewards. For setting some goals: I am looking to improve my strength and flexibility, as well as expand my concept of creative movement expression into realms that I feel uncomfortable with initially.

Thanks for continuing to read my thoughts. I will still be writing, though perhaps not daily. I will be sharing videos and pictures of my Month of Body and Movement, here and: on my Instagram – yoc.creations

Create Every Day!

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