January 22, 2019 Month of Writing 0

The will is strong, it can impress the malleable framework of life. When others around us can’t be a part of change we experience, we feel left out in a distant realm of isolation. On the snowbanks of our lives, in an empty valley of thought. 

Creativity, community, expression, the arts – life intersects with these elements. Choosing to make and create is decidedly and intentionally incorporating yourself deeper into the environment and circumstances you have around you. 

In this connection the truth of our feeling, and our own depths and experience can be revealed. We can choose to open up the doorway to the closet of our deepest felt experiences and present them to the world. Unashamed. Unfiltered.

This process is simple and yet elegantly complex. It’s natural. We are the intermediaries of our conscious, pulsing, permanent union with divine energy and life. Choosing to dive deep, we lose our individuality of ego and self-consciousness and merge invisibly with existence. The forces of our will are overtaken by the tidal force that is life and universe. Transmitting and no longer taking identity in our own minds, but the mind of all beings.

All creation, and therefore all art has this unbreakable link to the force of life. How we channel, implement, and magnify this link is directly related to our output.

We are intimately, deeply integrated with vital life force beyond all of our understanding. It is us.

“Just as you don’t know how you manage this consciousness, that you don’t know how you grow and shape this body of yours, doesn’t mean to say that you’re not doing it. Equally, you don’t know how the universe shines the stars, constellates the constellations, and galactivates the galaxies. You don’t know. That doesn’t mean to say that you aren’t doing it in the same way that you are breathing without knowing how you breathe.” – Alan Watts.

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