New Connections

New Connections

January 24, 2019 Month of Writing 1

Today I met with some awesome maker/doer new friends that run a fabrication shop here in Vancouver. We hashed out a creative vision for a large interactive sculptural piece we will hopefully be building for a summer event in July. I will make this coincide with my Month of Sculpture.

Yesterday morning I met with a great graphic designer, she has a keen brand sense and strong, experienced background. As I continue in my knowledge acquisition of personal business, and self-employment, I see connections/friendships with people like her invaluable.

Yesterday evening I reconnected with a coffee shop acquaintance I met in Portland last  summer. He has been living the nomad life, and we had a stellar conversation about a range of topics. Mostly we dove into aspects of human emotion, connection, and relationships.

Last week I met with a financial educator. He is the first finance person I’ve connected with that vibes on the levels I want to vibe on. He is transparent, professional, and has a great personality. Since I am really expanding my ideas of what things I hope to accomplish in life, and realizing the type of financial independence I’ll require for those things – I am looking forward to seeing where this connection may lead.

I am writing every day still, and I’m very time filled with creative projects and meeting people. It is a change, but I am looking for even more! I know that the farther this year goes on, the more avenues and projects will open up. I am actively not letting future worry get in the way of where I am right now. That can be hard as I am anticipating a rapid increase of time and energy commitment.

I’m feeling more creative, open and confident than I have in a long time. I know it must have to do directly with continuing on in this endeavor, and not wavering.

It is uncanny. There feels like a continuing and persistent opening to areas of my life that felt enclosed and forgotten before.

I’m not saying things are perfect. I am still here working. I’ve still got my issues. Some mornings I stay in my bed longer than I’d like to. Some moments choose to put a more constructive choice aside in favour of something like Netflix, or social media. I’ve got some relationship and personal needs that need a little extra TLC.

It just doesn’t feel the same as it has in the past couple years. I’ve historically gotten pretty wrapped up in an analysis and deconstruction of my problems. Going over and over them in a bundle, never coming to any fruition. 

Now I’m discovering the freedom in trusting the process, and taking my time with things. Being easier on my own psychology.

I’m also just so filled with lists of things that I want to do that there isn’t enough mental bandwidth to worry about the future beyond necessity. This is a strong reversal from when I was plagued with a day to day that didn’t feel stimulating or challenging. I’d fret and ponder for hours on end, sometimes not even doing anything else.

I’ve picked up some decent stress and worry reduction tactics that have helped immensely. It has been odd to acknowledge that I have personally struggled with a bit of anxiety in the past. It is not something I ever would have let myself identify with before. Not that I do very much now, but just that it is in a different context.

I’m taking small, constructive steps in each moment, and it feels like positive compound interest. Especially when I let things be as they are and get out of my own way.

It feels funny to write, but I’m honestly a little surprised at the personal, emotional, and life results I am getting through this challenge. I am celebrating that I have stuck strong to my commitment despite the peaks and valleys.

Knowing that there are people out there reading (my Mom is my biggest fan, Hi Mom!), helps keep me moving along. So thanks for reading. Shout out to those I’ve connected with recently that have received my ideas and contributed their own: Douglas, Michael, Rachel, King, and Ryan.

-Create Every Day!

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