The Month of Writing

Happy January and New Year to you all! We could do this celebration any time of the year, but here it is. Hello 2019. I have chosen to start this creative project off with a writing output every single day.

Writing has always been one of those fickle creative beasts in my life. I have heard my Mom say time and time again since I was a kid that she always thought I’d be a writer. You know it’s never really made sense until recently. I have always deeply loved story and words. My fondest childhood memories are of being quite tiny, around five years old and my Grandmother would take me to the library, pulling along my red wagon to trade in the bucket-load of books I had devoured for a new set of tales.

I think getting lost in the story has always been my primary joy and love of writing and art. Now that I’m older, I don’t read very many story books, mostly non-fiction actually, but the best enjoyment I get is when the author captivates, informs and entertains all at the same time, all by telling a story. That is not exclusive to the written word at all. For most of my adult life I have been consumed by the all encompassing extravaganza that is Theatre arts. I learned the various skills and disciplines involved in conveying a message of feeling. I have seen and been a part of plenty of stories that captivated without any written word at all.

Late in 2017 I accepted a job working with children at an after-school arts program. When I started, I was thrust into an environment I knew very little about. I was given three story based classes to teach for ages 5-6. For each lesson plan I had to select a book or two and prepare a little craft or activity that related to the elements of the book, teaching story, letters, words, etc. It was challenging, it was fun, it was a lot of things.

I found myself constantly pouring over the programs library shelves on my breaks and lesson planning block. I read through likely a good hundred or so stories in a few a months. I fell in love with some books that I had never seen or heard of before. I was captivated by the depth of meaning, inspiration and true life in “just a children’s book.” I found joy, excitement, and mystery (and a little frustration) in reading these tales aloud to my classes.

For this month, I am hoping to capture some of the essence of writing disciplines that I love and cherish, as well as accomplish some larger writing projects. I am focusing primarily on developing a consistent and iron-clad habit of writing every day, and I consider that extremely important to the success of the rest of this project.

Month of Writing Creations

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