Trip to Yellowstone Part 2

Trip to Yellowstone Part 2

January 29, 2019 Month of Writing 0

Once again, up early to get on the road, we got into Jackson Hole Wyoming sometime in the late morning. We wandered around the small picturesque town and checked out the shops and sights. There was an old historical theatre we went into and looked around. We chatted with an actor there who explained to us his work contract with the theatre, and his MFA schooling experience at a prestigious school. It was really cool to hear about the level of work available to theatre actors in the states, even these days. His lodging was covered by his contract, and in his off time he hiked and explored as much of the Grand Teton and Yellowstone parks as he could. Sounded nice!

We stopped at an info center before entering the park. It was a great and informative stop. The woman that helped us made sure to show us on a map all of the areas we were interested in seeing, and gave us really useful information.

Driving into the park and seeing the mountain range of the Grand Tetons was just spectacularly breath taking. All of the peaks were towering above a vast plain of grassland that rolled into hills of green as far as we could see. Each pointed and craggily peak of the Tetons put many of the mountains I have seen before to shame with their beauty. As we drove along the park to find our campsite, each passing moment brought more of the mountains in to view, and both John and I couldn’t help but repeat things like: “Fuck off” and “get the fuck out of here” and of course the simple “wow” here and there. 

Right when we set up camp a small female elk came strolling through our campsite. That was awesome to hardly be in the mountains for a minute and get close to some wildlife. We hastily threw our hiking gear together and started for a trailhead. We wanted some elevation. Nature had other plans for us however, as while we were on our way to the trailhead the wind whipped up extremely fast, and it started to rain sideways. Then the rain became hail and we decided that it was likely best to cut our losses on the hike and go see some other sights.

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